investigating the Inbetween
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Talk to me

Talk to me

Talk to Me (or 'In conversation with my unconscious mind') 

‘So you think that I feel smaller than the Blackbird?

You really think That I am still that little girl, the bright teenager under the Sun's light? The underlooked, the mamarracha one?

I say I am not.

I say I am a woman. A blossoming orchid. An amazing human being.

I say I have my own light. And it is as clear and bright and white as it can be. And powerful. It lights up the dark path that utopic life is.

My light is that of a woman who has searched for her own value. For her own meaning. A woman that has found what it was always there waiting to be found.

I have known the butterfly and the moth.

I say-

I want to know more of what you have been hiding from me.

I want to know it all.

Please show me our deepest fears.

And I will show them our light in return’


I never remembered my dreams.

I wrote the above letter and posted it to myself

oh well, I posted it to my unconscious.

I read it out loud before going to sleep every night for a week

then I started to dream

then I started Jungian psychotherapy.



I generate photo-collages that expressed the resolution of those dreams.