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 #iamawitchbecause was born as an Instagram account and hashtag aiming to open conversations about magic and female power through the archetype of the Witch with unknown and distant people.

Then it materialized in a one-month solo exhibition at Studio 73, in Brixton Village, connecting on a local level with communities, academics, local medicine women and researches in order to converse about ideas of magic, art and the female power. It held community events and talks that review the figure of the Witch, considering artist as conduits of magic and entertain the idea that “it is never too late to have a happy childhood”.

The exhibition was part of Studio 73 experimental Takeovers, where curator Ivana D’accico explores the relationship artist-curator and its potential future developments.

For more information check the dedicated website and instagram @aimawitchbecause

The exhibition showed the following pieces:

Little Birds in the Head

Sculpture, live communal psychomagic performance / Nests, silver birch branches, root

“Tener pajaritos en la cabeza” (“to have little birds in the head”) is a Spanish idiom used to put children down when expressing dreams or desires of flying high.

Little Birds in the Head is a psychomagic live performance piece that aims to attract back those once expelled birds in order to regain the capacity to be creative, ambitious and playful.

Developing photographs

 Video (1 45’ 45”)

Developing Photographs explores the artist disillusionment with the magic contained in the photographic medium, and the quest to reconstitute its otherworldly powers back.

The piece is ruled by laws of shamanic imagination and alchemical symbolism found in the Jungian tradition of self-development.


Sculpture, Polaroids, mixed media

PolaMary is set in New York’s Flushing Meadows-Corona Park where since 1974 hundreds gather weekly at the site of the Vatican Pavilion built for the 1964 World’s Fair. They mill about hoping to photograph the Virgin Mary. Polaroids showing long spirals of yellow and red are donated to the shrine.

PolaMary is an attempt to both believe in the divine presence as well as in the truth held in Polaroids.

The aftermath is a sacrifice of both belief systems.


Sculpture, installation / Colubrid shred skin, sacred stones, photography

Refusing to remain repressed, Lilith shed various skins in the depths of the Red Sea: anger, pain and sadness. Each little bit of understanding of the dark feminine within each of us, regardless of gender, can bring us closer to wholeness and healing, both individually and collectively.

She came back as a serpent to offer Eve choice and voice.

  Nature Does Not Sit Still

Experiential sound installation / Eucalyptus ring, silver birch branches, disco lights


Put on headphone

Press backwards

Press ‘play’

Close your Eyes


Open your Eyes


Sit still

 The Sacred

Natural sculpture / Leaf, shell, feather, stone, eggshell, sea creature, algae, rock